Heronius SmartFactory

Heronius SmartFactory helps you to focus on your core topics and to make your production more efficient. With SmartFactory, we network your production holistically and simply.
This means that you are able to read the condition of your plants and the processing status of your production orders at any time. 

Digitalisieren Sie bestehende Produktionsanlagen

HERONIUS SmartFactory bietet eine ganzheitliche Komplettlösung für Ihr Produktionssystem. Ganz gleich ob Ihre Anlagen über eine SPS-Steuerung verfügen oder bereits eine IIOT Schnittstelle besitzen, wir binden sie in Ihre SmartFactory ein. 

HERONIUSmartFactory Technologie Architektur

Your benefits

+ Manufacturer, product, equipment and control Independent

+ digitisation along the entire value chain-from customer needs to customer satisfaction

+ Mobile view of your factory/factories with different viewpoints (regardless of location)

+ Control of your systems with SmartFactory-Uniform user interface


Heronius SmartFactory is the missing piece of the puzzle in your digitisation strategy.

SmartFactory - The core application of your intelligent factory

  • Setup and parameterization of systems
  • Reading of device information
  • Evaluation of production data (dashboard and key figures)
  • Support of operating personnel (order management, equipping, error support)
  • Notification service, e.g. during weekend production
  • Data management-order, planning, logistics, production, quality assurance, delivery

SmartConnector - Integration of your systems and system components into the Heronius SmartFactory.

  • Bus
  • PLC Controls
  • Protocols (MQTT, HTTP, OPC UA)

SmartAPI - Integration into your existing system landscape

  • ERP
  • CRM

SmartMaintenance - Preventive monitoring of your production

  • Load Limit Monitoring
  • Detecting abnormalities through data analysis
  • Reduction of machine failure
  • Maintenance notification
Heronius SmartFactory Puzzle


+ Platform Based

+ Real-time analysis + modular, on-premise or UM deployment, scalable

+ No vendor Lockin effect

+ Dashboard

+ Integration into the processes Industry 4.0

+ Artificial Intelligence/deep learning mechanisms

+ Device Connection + IT-security/security

+ Interfaces (MQTT/rest/OPC UA/individual interfaces)

+ Control of your machines/systems via a Uniform UI (user interface) + connection to your existing system landscapes and databases, whether PDM, PLM, ERP, SQL, Oracle or even TDM or your individual data systems

+ Integrated workpiece, tool and palette management

+ parameterization instead of programming-no need for robot/control skills

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